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The Suitcase Band
It's hard to believe in Adam and Eve in The garden of Eden, just doing the weeding On a winning streak from morning to evening  I’m sure you’re agreeing so here's my re-reading; Here are the bare facts, this is the naked truth They haven't got a stitch to wear, they're always in the nude Adam doesn't give a fig, it's all he ever knew       and so it doesn't seem rude to wear his birthday suit But up in Paradise, there are seeds of a dispute.  Adam's had some fruit; Eve can see it in his throat As it rises and it falls, Eve’s eyes follow She’d like to have a bite "What is it that he's swallowed?" “What has he been given? Why's he keep it hidden?  Why is it forbidden?” But Adam just won't listen She’s just a spare rib and it’s only the beginning This is not the way he should be treating women! But she’s not stopping, there’s nothing Eve’s dropping, This worm in her mind won't settle, be forgotten       There’s an apple in his barrel and she’s feeling rotten Every time he gulps she wants to get to the bottom Nothing else matters and she's really getting rattled  And she thinks there's nothing that'll stop the tittle tattle, So she grabs Adam's apple and they tumble and they grapple They wrestle and they fumble as they rumble in the jungle  The fruit juice drips, he licks it from her lips, And he's tickling her ribs, she's squeezing his pips, His hands, her hips, he's at her fingertips Her concentration slips and she’s losing her grip She notices his snakedness, Adam's more awakedness She thinks "Where is he placing this? Where are we taking this? Is this ok or wickedness? Is there a time and place for this? I don't feel like missing this; Where on earth's the sin in this? What decision should I take? Am I making a mistake? Is there a rule I’m going to break? What are the rules for heaven's sake? Should I stick or should I twist?  Oh I like the taste of this!”  So it turns into a kiss and we know what follows this
Adam & Eve It
"Well that was original!" Says Adam feeling practical  "Shall we write a manual?" Then yawned and began to fall asleep but Eve don't mind at all;  She is feeling beautiful, Biblical, sensible, half a mind on birth control “While Adam's feeling sleepy, think I'll make a leaf bikini.  I don't want him super keeny every single time he sees me." Meanwhile in the trees, the birds and the bees Had watched the scene and seen it all and learnt what was possible Within weeks of the creation, there was sex education The key to procreation and increasing population Mankind's continuation and a form of recreation, Thank God Eve gave into temptation. It’s the end of the song and we haven’t got a python Eve picks up the apple with a bit on The symbol of jealousy it ought to be an icon Why don’t we stick it on the back of the iphone?