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The Suitcase Band
Move It
This woman made me listen,  said her head was spinning.  Her man had just departed.  He’d been swept beneath the carpet, He took her car keys with him.  She was broken hearted. I said with her permission I’d get her engine started She said that she was willing To give me an audition so I got into position Was about to press ignition When I had a little mishap. I was reaching for a hubcap. Put my hand upon her kneecap She said “Move it!  But don’t remove it!” And then something blew a fuse, it was dark I was confused  I didn’t know which way to choose, Our limbs were in a tangle  couldn’t work out who’s was who’s I was feeling round for clues She asked if I could please try to work our bodies loose I was twisting round her ankle I thought that I could ease it, I was trying hard to squeeze   it was more than I could handle I thought I’d solved the problem, and I said I wasn’t stopping ‘til I made it to the bottom She said “Move it!  But don’t remove it!” Took a moment to recover, I had caught her unawares,  we untangled one another, it was more than she could bear, she was startled to discover I was working undercover, She said she wanted to confess – to get something off her chest, I could tell it wasn’t nothin’ and I didn’t want to butt in so was sending her a text when I woke all of a sudden I had my hand inside her vest and you won’t have trouble guessing which button I was pressing She said “Move it!  But don’t remove it!”