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The Suitcase Band
Misdirected Youth No.2 I’m playing football on the chapel wall Seven Hail Marys working miracles I’m talking Maradona pushing open doors   He’s pointing to the future, every time he scores I‘m watching from the rooftop in a griffin’s nest I’m spying on a mermaid by the water’s edge She’s dancing with the fishes, making little waves She covers me with kisses both sides of my face I’m sitting in the basement with the Prince of Wales We’re talking about the future or maybe something else We’re on our way to London – bank robbery Going to get the bus home – no 93 It’s early in the morning, in the castle square I’m climbing to the rescue she’s letting down her hair I make it to the window, not a second late We’re sliding down the rainbow making our escape I’m chasing round a duck pond, with the musketeers Going to be my best friends for a thousand years We’re going to be big stars on the radio Buy a harmonica give it a blow